Balance North East (NE) at home to achieve Motivation and Mental Clarity

The North East (NE) Direction is the Zone of Mind and Clarity. In any built up space, NE is the MahaVastu Zone of meditation and wisdom. This zone helps the inhabitants develop foresight, intuition, inspiration, and vision. The energy of this zone works to remove all the blockages from the mind. It not only catalyzes spiritual development, but also helps to visualize a path for success in life.

Elemental Power

According to MahaVastu, every zone is associated with specific elements. These elements determine the Zone’s powers and what aspects of human life it influences. The main elements of the North East Direction are Water and Air.

Air is associated with movement, fun and is the energy that inspires you and helps you to inspire others. When appropriately balanced, the Air element gives courage to try new things and take risks. Similarly, Water is associated with flow. It represents clarity, flow, continuity and regeneration. It is associated with conception of new ideas, clarity of thoughts and creation of new vision. A balanced Water element at home helps the occupants to see the bigger picture and create opportunities for themselves.

MahaVastu utilizes Elemental colors to help strengthen and balance Zones to manifest their desired results in life. Elemental colors aid Zonal balancing which becomes an ideal starting point for space programming. Color Blue is associated with Water and Green is associated with Air Element. With the effects of both these elements combined, the NE zone allows one to stay motivated and clear enough to take calculated risks. This in turn also creates new growth opportunities.

Ideal Rooms for North East Zone

According to Vastu Shastra, the North East zone is the ideal for a place of worship or prayer room. Building a puja room here or meditating in this zone ensures your connection with your inner self and Ishta Devta.

Other than the Puja room, the NE zone can also be a great area for a family lounge. It results in family members engaging in brainstorming sessions in this lounge to conceive new ideas or resolve problems in their lives. Another wonderful utilization is as a study room, especially if the student is involved in research work. The room helps conceive new ideas and develop insights required to excel in their studies. A television or a computer placed in the NE zone can help users focus on research into religious subjects and get great clarity in any subject that they are working on. Even medicines can be kept in the NE zone, though it won’t add any extra benefit to them.

However, there are few Activities and Objects one should definitely avoid placing in the North East MahaVastu zone.

According to Dr. Khushdeep Bansal’s research, people should avoid a bedroom in this zone as it disturbs the mind of the inhabitants and makes them more irritable. In many cases, people have even been found to suffer from dementia. One should also avoid building toilets in this zone as it can cause serious neurological problems, memory loss and paralysis. As one flushes the toilet in this zone, their wisdom and creativity are also flushed away.

A storeroom in this zone would result in indecisiveness, dilemmas and Mental blockage since the NE zone is related to clarity and should always be kept clean. For the same reason, alcohol or a bar should not be set up in the NE zone as it causes distraction and mental instability.

 As per Mahavastu, many utility items also do not find a fitting spot in the North East zone. A washing machine in NE can cause meaningless detailed analysis of trivial issues, leading to anxiety. A dustbin in the NE zone can make it difficult to capture new thoughts or be creative. Musical instruments placed in the NE zone can make the person lose connection with music. An inverter in this zone can make people lose mental clarity on specific subjects. A heater or an air conditioner – both can cause mental instability and anxiety when placed in the NE zone.


Overall, Worship or prayer in the North East zone will bring the best results. This is the ideal space for a puja room, as it will allow us to connect to our higher self, increase clarity of mind and generate new ideas to overcome mental battles. A family lounge in NE enables members to engage in brainstorming sessions and will promote new ideas as well as conflict resolution. On the other hand, a washing machine located in NE can result in detailed analysis of trivial issues. A dustbin in this zone can prevent the inhabitants from capturing new thoughts and ideas. A poorly located toilet in this zone can even cause serious health issues.

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