MahaVastu Advice on Overcoming Wastage of Money

What is money wastage? What are the common signs of money wastage?

Money wastage refers to a situation where unnecessary expenses exceed income. It can also reflect in inefficient use or management of money, thereby missing out on opportunities to grow.

Some common signs of excess money wastage include:

  1. Money spent on wasteful and unnecessary Expenditure.
  2. Wealth drainage due to lack of Financial Clarity.
  3. Inability to save or recover Money.
  4. Lack of Financial Stability.
MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his research on Vastu for Money, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal has found the following Vastu faults at home which may lead to wasting money and excessive spending.

  1. A Kitchen in the South-West (SW) Direction as per Vastu leads to financial instability and makes it difficult to recover money.
  2. The Safe in the South-South-West (SSW; Disposal) Direction leads to increase in unnecessary wasteful expenditure.
  3. A Red Grill in the North-East (NE; Clarity) Zone creates a lack of financial clarity at home. This makes financial management difficult and leads to eventual losses of money.
  4. Black colour in the West-South-West (WSW) Direction leads to an inability to save money.
MahaVastu Advice on Overcoming Money Wastage

After in-depth research on how to resolve money wastage with Vastu, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal concludes that these few changes in the right MahaVastu Zones will cut down on unnecessary spending and improve your savings.

  1. Place a yellow stone slab under the stove in the SW Zone kitchen as per the Tattva Shuddhi Technique to help regain stability in savings.
  2. Relocate the Safe from SSW to the West, South-South-East (SSE; Cash Flow) or WSW MahaVastu Zones to lower unnecessary expenditure.
  3. Repaint the Red Grill in NE Zone with cream colour to help tackle financial instability and gain more financial clarity.
  4. Paint the WSW Zone room walls with white colour to save more money.
Results Observed

Within 4-6 weeks after applying MahaVastu Advice, multiple positive changes emerge in saving and spending patterns. Inhabitants are able to keep track of unnecessary wasteful expenditures and even become more active to earn more money and plan their finances better.

Planning of finances can also helps in making better planned investments for the future resulting in consistent financial stability. Eventually, a person accumulates enough savings to set up steady investments for long term financial security.

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