MahaVastu Advice for Building a Healthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship?

A Healthy Relationship creates a secure space between partners and also ensures a sense of belonging between them. It involves honesty, trust and mutual respect. On the other hand, an Unhealthy Relationship may have some or all of these symptoms:.

Common signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Some symptoms of a failing relationship are:

  1. Being pressurized/forced to engage in certain activities.
  2. Facing constant humiliation and criticism.
  3. Physical or verbal abuse.
  4. Feelings of being controlled (or having no control) in multiple aspects of the
  5. Sudden outbursts or violence from one partner.
MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his research, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal has observed the following major MahaVastu signs of an Unhealthy Relationship:

  1. An Entrance located in E1, W1 or W6 Entrance Zones can lead to arguments and create a toxic environment for both partners.
  2. Any Blue Colour (Water Element) in the South East Direction (Fire Element) reduces the passion in the relationship. It can even cause one partner becoming more controlling of the other.
  3. A Toilet positioned in the South-West Direction (Relationship) can lead to cheating or affairs.
  4. A Bedroom located in the ESE, SSW or WNW MahaVastu Zones can lead to suspicion, humiliation and arguments amongst partners.
  5. Keeping any red or pink colour item in the NNW Direction (Attraction, Sexsuality) can create problems in your sexual life. Even storing water in this direction can lead to sexual difficulties and strain the relationship
MahaVastu Advice to Overcome an Unhealthy Relationship

The following simple yet effective MahaVastu Advice from Dr. Khushdeep Bansal will help you create a more healthy and loving relationship.

  1. Relocating the couple’s Bedroom to NNW MahaVastu zone will infuse passion into the relationship. A Picture of Swastik in this zone increase sensual attraction towards each other, and a sculpture of a pair of white horses placed in this zone helps to intensify passion in the relationships.
  2. Placing Blue-colored Decor Objects (Water Element) in the North Zone creates a balanced relationship where partners share their goals with each other. They discuss problems and also try harder to resolve them.
  3. Keeping bright Red Flowers in the South East Direction (Fire Element) adds warmth to a relationship and helps in healing it.
  4. Avoid Toilets in the South West Direction (Relationships). Instead, keep Love Birds Sculpture in SW MahaVastu Zone to enhance love and affection between partners.

Within 4 to 6 weeks of implementing the above, couples come closer to each other and spend less time arguing over petty things. Both of them realized that they has their own way of life and cannot be controlled. Violent outbursts, criticism and humiliation from turn into appreciation and motivation. Eventually, the couples start having a gala time together.

MahaVastu Remedies and Products are designed after careful study and aim at result-oriented solutions to make your relationships loving and harmonious. 

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