MahaVastu Advice to Increase Sales in Your Business

What is a drop in sales in your business? What are the causes of a drop in sales?

In any business, a drop in sales means a decline in orders which results in decreased revenue or profits for the business owner.

Here are a few causes of dropping sales in your business:

  1. Low quantity orders from customers.
  2. Products getting rejected during quality check.
  3. Poor money flow and lack of business growth.
  4. Lack of new opportunities.
  5. Poor decision-making affecting goodwill of the business.
MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his research on Vastu for increasing sales in business, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal found some Vastu reasons that cause a halt or drop in sales.

  1. A cut in the ESE (East-South-East Direction) or South Zone leads to loss in business due to poor
    decision-making, resulting in loss of goodwill.
  2. As per Vastu, Toilet Location in the North Zone of the house or office blocks new opportunities and sales.
  3. Depleted SE (South-East) and ESE (East-South-East) MahaVastu Zones result in less money
    flow and prevent business growth.
  4. A wheat drum kept in the North Zone of the house also results in low sales.
  5. Storing Finished goods for sale in the SSW (South-South-West) Zone leads to products getting rejected and dumped due to quality issues.
MahaVastu Advice on Boosting the Sales in Your Business

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal found that just a few changes in your environment can boost your sales numbers a lot. Apply this simple MahaVastu Advice to get better sales and business growth.

  1. The Toilet in the North needs to be treated with an Aluminum metal strip to nullify negative effects on sales.
  2. According to PanchTattva in Vastu for home, a Red-colored bulb lit in the depleted SE (South-East) Direction can strengthen the zonal energy of the Zone.
  3. A Lush Green Landscape painting placed in the North Zone will ward off the ill effects of the wheat drum in North.
  4. Remove all the materials for sale from the SSW (South-South-West Direction) room and ideally place in North MahaVastu Zone to improve quality and new business opportunities.
  5. The Manthan (Churning) scene and a Pair of Rabbits Showpiece placed in the ESE (East-South-East) improves business decision making.
Results Observed in Business Cases

Within 4-6 weeks of applying the above MahaVastu Advice to increase sales for business, business owners notice a welcome change in their sales patterns. They begin to receive bulk orders from clients, which boost sales. Even products that were previously unsold now attract high demand.

As the business grows, the brand’s goodwill climbs up among customers too. New customers arrive and with the right decisions, the business starts reaching out to more valuable clients.

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