MahaVastu Handbook

The Earth’s Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra

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This book can be treated as a complete Bible of Modern and Refined Vastu Shastra. It aims to apply Vastu with a Logical and Scientific Approach to help create the best results in various domains of life like Money, Better Health, Bigger Gains, Exponential Growth, Relationships, Marriage, Childbirth, Family Harmony, Education, Joy, Peace, etc. This book on MahaVastu is also considered the Gold Standard for Vastu Professionals highlighting and explaining the Panchtattvas (Five Elements of Nature) and their effects on Human Life, the Laws of the Universe, Effects of Stars, Planets, and Earth Energies on Human Life.

Explore our collection of Remedies as per the vedic principles of Vastu Shastra here. 

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