MahaVastu Advice To Overcome Hardships in Marriage

What do we mean by the phrase “Hardships in Marriage”?

When we talk about ‘hardships in marriage’, we refer to struggles that results in partners becoming distrustful of each other, persistent arguments or even cheating which may cause the partners to fall apart.

Common symptoms of these Hardships in Marriage.

It is essential for partners to identify these hardships and work on them early on to keep the marriage & their bond intact. Here are some common symptoms of Hardships in Marriage:

  1. Feeling unloved and unwillingness to work on the relationship.
  2. Lack of physical or emotional intimacy.
  3. Lack of communication and rising insecurity leading to suspicion.
  4. Trust issues, feeling of jealousy, and misunderstanding amongst partners.
  5. Not being able to bear a child due to fertility issues.
  6. Cheating or extra marital affairs.
MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his research, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal discovered the following major causes of suffering in a marital relationship:

  1. The location of the couple’s Bedroom in the SSW, WNW, or ESE Zones causes disagreements, lack of passion, and even suspicion amongst partners. 
  2. The location of the Toilet in the Southwest Zone (Relationships) might result in Extra Marital affairs.
  3. A dressing table placed in the SSW Zone (Disposal, Waste) increases likelihood of loss of fertility for the couple.
  4. Keeping Wedding photographs and gifts in WNW, ESE or SSW Mahavastu Zones can lead to arguments, misunderstandings, disagreements, and insecurities. Which lead to major quarrels later on.
MahaVastu Advice to Overcome Hardships in Marriage

The following simple yet effective MahaVastu suggestion will help you to overcome hardships in marital relationship.

  1. The couple’s bedroom should be relocated to the NNW Zone (Attraction). This ensures partners remain attracted to each other with passion and sensuality.
  2. Avoid having a Toilet seat in the SouthWest MahaVastu Zone (Relationships). Instead, a sculpture of love birds in this Zone can bring love to your marriage.
  3. The mirror (on the Dressing table) should be kept in the North MahaVastu Zone to ensure a supportive Marriage.
  4. Wedding albums and gifts should be kept in the South-West Zone (Relationships). This will strengthen and nurture companionship amongst partners.

Within 4-6 weeks after implementing the above changes, couples begin to communicate with each other more and effectively to resolve their issues. With increased communication, they develop trust, get rid of suspicions and begin to understand each other better. They become more passionate and intimate with each other as love blooms and couples develop a deeper bond.

Our Mahavastu remedies are designed to enhance the principles of Vastu Shastra in the bedroom, fostering an environment conducive to improving warmth and love in relationships. Experience the positive effects of these remedies on your personal connections today. To accurately identify the zones and directions within your living spaces, we highly recommend utilizing our Shakti Chakra. This tool will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra. Additionally, our MahaVastu Book provides comprehensive knowledge on the subject, allowing you to delve deeper into the principles and practices associated with this ancient science.

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