MahaVastu Advice to Recover from Losses in Business

What is a Business Loss? What are the signs your business is in loss?

A business loss occurs when a business incurs more expenses than its income generated during a year. The amount you spend more than your earnings in business operations is calculated as business loss. This loss is influenced by numerous factors including sales volume, inefficient performance and customer retention.

Here are some reasons that your business is incurring losses:

  1. Increased production costs.
  2. Inability to perform operations efficiently.
  3. Significant drop in sales and new opportunities.
  4. Decline of goodwill and trust among customers and clients.
  5. Accidents leading to financial losses.
MahaVastu Perspective and Observations

During his intensive research on Vastu for Profits in Business, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal has found several reasons why businesses suffer heavy losses:

  1. A sitting area located in East-South-East (ESE) Direction causes anxiety and worry, leading to trust issues among business clients and customers.
  2. As per Vastu, Toilet in the North Direction reduces sales and new opportunities.
  3. A Heating apparatus placed in the South-West (SW) or South-South-West (SSW) Zones in a factory may lead to high production costs and increased wastage.
  4. An entrance at E8 or S1 entrance Zones leads to financial losses, loss of work and accidents.
  5. A bedroom placed in the South-South-West (SSW) direction at home leads to lethargy and hampers the owner’s ability to perform efficiently.
MahaVastu Advice for improving Business Profits

According to Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, just a few alterations in your environment can help you to recover from business losses and ensure financial prosperity.

  1. Relocate the sitting area from East-South-East (ESE) to the South direction (Zone of fame) for greater recognition and social success.
  2. The North Zone Toilet should be treated with an Aluminium Metal Strip to ward off the ill effects on sales and new opportunities.
  3. Shift Heating apparatus to the South Zone to avoid quality related problems, prevent wastage and achieve cost-effectiveness.
  4. Put a Red Color Tape at the entrance at E8 and/or S1 to nullify their negative effects.
  5. The South-South-West (Disposal) bedroom should not be used and relocated to West or South MahaVastu Zones.
Results observed in Businesses

Within 4-6 weeks after applying MahaVastu Advice, business owners see positive developments in their business. Sales start climbing and accidents reduce. With lower wastage and production costs, they are able to better control the final product’s price, making way for new customers. Business owners adopt a more positive attitude towards their business and customers which further results in better goodwill and brand recognition.

As a result, new opportunities open up. Financial losses also get covered up and the business gains greater than before success in the market.

MahaVastu is committed to offering solutions that don't require demolition or excessive spending. Our remedies, such as Color Tapes, Metal Strips, Metal Springs, and Stone Dust, can effectively contrive the energies of an area to create a conducive environment for your prosperity.

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