MahaVastu Advice to Release Blocked Payments

What is a Financial Block? What are the signs of a financial block?

Blocked payments are the situations when an individual gives credit to customers or lends money to close relatives or friends, thinking that it will bring them good returns, but they end up not receiving or recovering the loaned amount.

Here are some signs that your money is blocked:

  1. Inability to ask for due payments.
  2. Difficulty in recovering funds.
  3. Money is stuck in investments with no sign of returns.
  4. Fluctuations in cash flow.
MahaVastu Perspectives and Observations

During his extensive research on Vastu for increasing Cash-Flow, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal has found out some Vastu faults that lead to blocked payments and money problems.

  1. A bedroom located in the South-South-West Direction (SSW) MahaVastu Zone (Disposal) can make one feel lethargic and unable to ask for due payment.
  2. Sandbags placed in the North Zone (Water element Zone) can result in blocking the flow of money.
  3. If the South-East (SE) and East-South-East (ESE) Zones are too small, it results in less flow of money and prevents business growth.
  4. A toilet in the North-North-West (NNW) MahaVastu Zone reduces the probability of receiving profitable returns on investments.
  5. A kitchen in the South-West (SW) Zone leads to financial instability and makes it difficult to recover money.
MahaVastu Advice for Financial Prosperity

According to Dr. Khushdeep Bansal, making just minor MahaVastu changes at your home can help release money blocks and effectively recover bad debts.

  1. Place a blue bulb and a white pyramid in the North-North-West (NNW) toilet to ensure a steady flow of returns on investment.
  2. Remove sand bags from the North Zone and purify the whole space with MahaVastu Space Purifying Technique to increase the flow of money.
  3. Place a red colour bulb in the South-East (SE) Zone to strengthen zonal energy. This will increase positive cash flow and boost business growth.
  4. Place a yellow stone slab in the kitchen in the South-West (SW) Zone using the Tattva Shuddhi Technique to recover funds and regain financial stability.
  5. The South-South-West (SSW) bedroom should be relocated to the North-North-West (NNW) Zone to make one feel rejuvenated and help them to ask for due payments more actively.
  6. Completed Space Programming with MahaVastu Remedies.
Results Observed

Within 4-6 weeks after applying MahaVastu Advice, people are able to see favourable changes in their financial situation. Individuals are able to take better financial decisions, release blocked payments and maintain a steady flow of cash. One by one, most overdue payments and debts get recovered. Eventually, money that was stuck in poor investments begins to flow back into the business. As a result of improved cash flow, better and wiser investments can be planned.

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